Spine and Removable Labels

Spine Labels

Spine labels are an essential library cataloging item and must be designed to withstand extended use with archival quality materials and adhesive. Reliance’s spine labels exceed standard library label requirements because of its premium material, archival quality adhesive and durable top-coat laminate.

Pre-Printed Spine Labels

We offer pre-printed spine labels for libraries that are needing to replace current spine labels or have an upcoming special project that requires pre-printed spine labels instead of an on-demand blank label printing solution.

Print and Protect Spine Label Set

Our exclusive print and protect spine label set provides you with a two-in one spine label solution. First, print the spine label and adhere it to the item. Secondly, apply the label protector, conveniently underneath the spine label onto the item and you are finished!

These two simple steps create a durable product within minutes. Our print and protect system provides a valuable and
convenient solution to spine label item cataloging, saving you time and money!

Spine Label Printing System

Complete your spine label solution with our label printing software and spine label printers. We offer spine label printing
software that compliments our thermal transfer printers to ensure you have a complete spine label printing solution that
is easy and convenient to use.

Removable Inter-Library Loan Labels

Our exclusive removable product streamlines inter-library loan systems by creating a simple streamlined label printing
system that cuts processing time in half.

- Proprietary adhesive creates a strong bond that is removable and re-positionable

- Variety of materials for use with thermal transfer, direct thermal and laser printers

- Sheet, rolls, or fan fold

- Available in custom sizes and colors

Let Reliance Barcode be your Spine Label and Removable Label Solution!