Reliance Barcode Solutions is a leader in providing "mission critical" label solutions for harsh environment labeling applications. Reliance's pre-printed or blank printed circuit board (PCB) labels are designed to withstand exreme conditions including high temperatures and harsh chemicals. Utilizing Reliance's value-engineering processes, the optimal base films, adhesives, and ribbons are matched to your application requirements.

Telecommunication Labeling

Reliance Barcode is proud to offer you Common Language Equipment and Identification (CLEI) labels, KS-22002 and KS-23490 labels. Reliance utilizes white and central office white polyester film with thermal transfer printable matte or laminate, in pre-printed or blank format for on-demand thermal transfer printing. Both are compatible with durable resin thermal transfer ribbons and meet Alcatel - Lucent specifications.

Created in our own Seattle facility and die-cut to your specifications, we are proud to offer you same day shipping through our Label Stocking Program*.

Printed Circuit Board Labeling

Reliance's printed circuit board labels (PCB) are value-engineered to meet electronic component manufacturers' specific and extreme requirements. Reliance understands the "mission critical" nature of the PCB label. From custom die-cut tolerances of up to .001 inch to high-temperature resistant 1 mil and 2 mil polymide materials, Reliance can provide a label solution for almost any PCB application. For less extreme applications, our polyester labels can provide a cost effective alternative to polymide labels for integrated chip labeling.
All of our printed circuit board label materials are RoHS compliant, compatible with durable resin thermal transfer ribbons. A wide-variety of label sizes are offered for print on-demand applications or pre-printed for your convenience.

Let us be your Telecommunication and Circuit Board Labeling solution!